Create your store for free, no credit card required!

It is free to try, don't worry about the money, just go ahead and give it a try. You can pay later on and only when you like it.


If you're a building a professional website with a big sales plan ahead, this plan is for you.

  • Unlimited orders
  • SMS notifications included
  • Priority e-mail support
  • Add any number of payment gateway integrations
  • Phone support
  • Free on-boarding and installation

No credit card required.
Small business

Upgrade to the Small Business plan when your startup has some traction.

  • Accept up to 100 orders a month
  • SMS notifications included
  • Priority E-mail support
  • Add any number of payment gateway integrations

No credit card required.

If you're just starting up, this plan is for you. Start selling in no time and upgrade when you reach a certain threshold.

  • Accept up to 30 orders a month
  • E-mail support
  • Single payment gateway integration

No credit card required.


Everything in your Payment account is safe, secure, and password-protected.


Where are the collected funds transferred to?

The income from your sales are transferred directly to your bank account, we as have no connection with the money that you receive.

Do I need to own a company?

It is a must to be picky when money becomes involved. It is impossible to obtain a payment gateway without owning a company since banks and other institutions initially ask for taxation details and other company related information when issuing a payment gateway.

Do payment gateways integrations change over time?

Banks and payment institutions make changes in their infrastructures from time to time. Our customers are not affected from these changes because new infrastructure is added to our systems on the very day the new infrastructure is released.

What is it that you are selling actually? provides you a software support and guarantees stability of this software. In other words, the e-commerce system, collection system and donation system on your web page shall operate no matter what.

How often are the updates made?

We guarantee that the infrastructures you are using are and will be up-to-date. You will receive updates with no additional charges as long as you are our customer.

Why is the system charged on a monthly basis?

The most crucial point when purchasing software is to be able to receive technical support when needed. You will receive a system for smaller amounts where you can both get technical support and receive newer versions in an ever-developing environment without any additional charges, instead of paying in a lump sum and hardly ever receive technical support or any update at all.