How it works?

You need a payment gateway integration software to be able to make sales and receive payments through your web page. Normally, you would have to change your website entirely in order to integrate this software to your page.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is this system?

You can collect payments on your website by using our software. The key point is, you don't need to modify your site, you can embed the sales module in to your website with one line of code.

How can I integrate this system to my page?

Once you register and identify your products, you will be given a one-line integration code. You will only need to copy and paste this code into the code of your page. After these steps, your page will be ready to start selling.

What am I supposed to do to receive payments?

First of all, you need to have a payment provider and an account in order to receive payments. Please see the virtual POS integration page to get information on supported payment providers.

Do you get a commission out of the sales?

No. We never get commissions out of your sales.

Is this system secure?

The software runs on our industry grade encrypted secure servers.

To which account are the payments transferred?

Any sales made on e-commerce system are transferred to your own account. Our company does not interfere with your cash flow, it is completely related to the your bank.